Nik Henderson

     Nik Henderson is a visual development artist currently pursuing a BFA in Illustration at the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). While at SCAD, Nik has worked as an art director, concept artist, and storyboard artist on a number of student films. He has just recently started working remotely with DreamWorks Animation Television as a background designer. Through these experiences, Nik has learned the ins and outs of the animation pipeline, and has learned how to effectively design environments/props/characters in relation to story and audience.

     Nik grew up on a farm in Strafford, Missouri, where he was inspired by the beautiful pastures, hills, and forests of the Ozarks. He took up landscape painting in his early teens. This, and his love for animation led him to pursue a career as a visual development artist. His goal is to work in house at an animation studio, where he can contribute to films and work his way up to one day become an art director and eventually, director.

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